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This is an opportunity to be part of one of the greatest project in olympic weightlifting. We built this database so that coaches, pro as well as enthousiast can analyze, follow and appreciate their weightlifting journey.
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Ironwise, the world's biggest Olympic weightlifting database.

The ultimate resource for weightlifting enthusiasts.

Track the progress of athletes and find inspiration in the biggest weightlifting database.

Calculated data

We do not solely rely on the traditionnal data like attempts, total, sinclair, etc. We are always searching for new way to evaluate an athlete performance.


Sort and filter results based on the criterias relevant to you.

Regular updates

We are closely monitoring competition activity from the federations that we support.

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Available for international athletes, as well as those from Canada & France.

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We can manage every results

If you want to add the results of your competition online in this weightlifting database, send them to us via email at

The ironwise performance score

IPS, a combination of multiple aspects specific to weightlifting.



Based on the athlete's performance in technique-focused events or movements during competition.


Based on the athlete's performance in strength-focused events or movement during competition.


Based on the athlete's successful and missed attempts, as well as their ability to perform under pressure.

Olympic prospect

Based on their best Sinclair and ratio performances, age, and progression.

Imagine an automated performance profil for every athletes

A way to finally compare and analyze athletes by performance attributes

From the french, (Athlete) who practices weights and dumbbells.

[alteʀ ɔfil]

    This is only the beginning.

    The weightlifting database is regularly updated. We are actively trying to find the best way to display all this data without compromising the user experience.

    If you think you've found an error, you can fill the contact form.

    The speed to correct the error(s) will be according to your tone in your email 😉

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