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The IPS is the ultimate goal. A score base on competition data only to evaluate the performance of an athlete across his entire career. Every result matter and will affect the score.

What's the IPS ?

Your performance should peak in competition. That's why competition data matters. Your IPS is a reflection of your strength, technique, efficiency, confidence, accuracy, experience and effectiveness.

Make the data talk

We do not solely rely on the competition data like attempts, total, sinclair. We combine all those data points, calculate new data like bodyweight efficiency, weight lifted/bodyweight ratios, and many more.

A measure of comparison

Your competition data will be compared with similar athletes (same weight categories, same age categories) via our extensive database.

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Powered by Ironwise, a database that grows days after days from all the competition data generated from athletes around the world.
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Competition data can be view on any device, any size and at any time. It is the end of loss time at searching for competition results.


Simply enter the athlete's last name, first name, competition, or country, and witness the dynamic table update in real-time.

Create standards

By collecting as much data on olympic weightlifting, we aim at creating new standards and make it easier to build dashboards, rankings, and custom athlete list. Because in the end, it's all about numbers.

A monk's labor

It's a never ending path that we are on. That data found is never clean. We can find PDFs, Excel files, writing notes, photos, scanned documents, books, etc. It demands a lot of time and ingeniusity to extract the correct data points.

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This is an opportunity to be part of one of the greatest project in olympic weightlifting. We built this database so that federations, coaches, pro as well as enthousiast can analyze, follow and appreciate their weightlifting journey.
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How is it possible for a coach with multiple athletes caught doping to remain active within the national team?

How is it that an athlete caught doping can stage a successful comeback, benefiting from the public's short memory, only to be caught doping once more?

Why do parents lack access to information regarding doping sanctions for the prospective club, coach, and federation of their children?

Doping sanctions registry

By holding coaches and clubs accountable, anti-doping authorities can deter future violations. As a result, a culture of clean sport is promoted and upheld.
Check the doping sanctions

The idea

A public database will held accountable athletes, coaches, clubs and federations. Those entities will take anti-doping measure and education seriously because nobody like to be on display.

Increase transparency

We aim to create a database of past and active doping sanctions of every olympic weightlifters with all details available to the public, including coach and club at the time of the sanction.

Athlete caught = Best promoter for clean sport

As individuals, we are prone to making mistakes, but we also believe in the notion of second chances. Athletes who have been caught doping will have their doping test results readily accessible on their performance profile, which can be easily shared with anyone who accuses them of doping upon their return to competition. Each anti-doping organization provides evidence of tests conducted along with the results, which serve as certification of their negative anti-doping tests.

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