Dive into weightlifting results from nations to international platforms. Create your own all-time ranking by weight category or age category !

Create your own all-time ranking by weight category or age category

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The realm of weightlifting is vast and layered, mirroring the intricate balance of strength and technique required of its athletes. Our exhaustive database, brimming with over 100,000 weightlifting results, serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone keen to plunge into this world, be it out of professional interest or sheer curiosity.

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Powered by the world's most extensive weightlifting database, our tool simplifies the exploration of an athlete's competitive timeline. By merely entering a first and last name, users gain instant access to a treasure trove of results spanning years, sometimes decades. This meticulous compilation includes every lift, every competition, and every milestone that has defined athletes' careers.

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Dive into the heart of Olympic weightlifting with our search tool designed for enthusiasts, athletes, coaches, and historians alike. Our platform offers an unprecedented gateway to the comprehensive histories of olympic weightlifters from around the globe. Whether you're tracing the career of a world champion or uncovering the journey of a rising star, every search brings you closer to the data that matters. Through all time and current rankings, find the best weightlifting athletes.

More than Just Weightlifting Results

Our platform is more than just a statistical repository. It's a chronicle of human endeavor, of dreams realized and shattered, of hours of training culminating in moments of glory or despair. An athlete performance profile captures the essence of what it means to be a weightlifting athlete: the dedication, the sacrifices, the relentless pursuit of excellence. Engage with our content to not just view results, but to live the stories behind them.